Orange Corners Baghdad Program

Vision : 

The programme, powered by dutch embassy & implemented by KAPITA,  aims to reshape the Iraqi entrepreneurial ecosystem by providing economic opportunities, skills and empowerment for aspiring individuals who withhold exceptionally promising ideas.

Mission :                

We strive to establish a capacity building-based programme taking the form of trainings, master classes, events, coaching and mentoring, and access to potential customers, markets and financing.  The focus of the program will be on young aspiring Iraqi (male and female) entrepreneurs that have the energy and the determination to start a business with the will to initiate innovative projects, to help them transform their ideas into on-ground projects and validate products & services during the incubation programme.  


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Orange Corners Baghdad Activities

Orange Corners Baghdad Cohort 5 Sessions Are On a Roll!

Orange Corners Baghdad started this cohort’s training in June 2022, with 21 Startups in different fields, ranging from ICT, agriculture, product-based businesses... read more

The National Bank of Iraq Offers Banking Services to the Incubatees of Cohort 5

On Wednesday, June 22, KAPITA Business Hub hosted the National Bank of Iraq (NBI) in order to create bank accounts for all... read more

Orange Corners Baghdad And The Student Ambassadors

This cohort we switched things up with the new addition of the Students Ambassadors which have added a great value to the... read more

Orange Corners Baghdad Program Returns with the New Cohort 5

Orange Corners Baghdad has excitingly started the new cohort with a bootcamp at KAPITA’s headquarters in Baghdad Al-Mansour.

Orange Corners Baghdad Cohort 4 Graduation

On the 19th of May, Orange Corners Baghdad held a graduation ceremony for the startups graduating of its 4th cohort.

Orange Corners Baghdad 4 Sessions

Read about the 4th cohort training sessions and all the updates and additions to the incubator program.