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KAPITA Business Hub

KAPITA is a private sector development company that aims to empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through investment, research, incubation/acceleration, and market development programs.

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Latest Updates

Business LANDSCAPE Magazine Issue 8

This issue focuses on the reality of the transportation sector in Iraq. How this important market is functioning in Iraq, and the... read more

KAPITA Partners With the World Bank to Launch the We-Fi Initiative

KAPITA Business Hub announces the launch of the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi) in Iraq, in partnership with the World Bank.

KAPITA's Incubator, Orange Corners Baghdad Cohort 6 is Now Up and Running!

Welcoming 21 new Iraqi startups for the 6th consecutive cohort of the incubator this December 2022!

EdTech in Iraqi Formal Education

Technologically-facilitated education, or EdTech in short, has been a focus for many for years. Its importance was highlighted during the COVID-19 pandemic... read more

Companies Registration: The Iraqi Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Navigating the Legal Realm

KAPITA Business Hub held the second policy dialogue - in Dec 2022 to discuss the issues and the process of the legal... read more

Data Utilization in Iraq

An Analysis of the Current Scene Through the Lenses of Iraqi Data Analysts, Employees, and Experts.

Incubatees of the 5th Cohort Celebrate Their Graduation from OC Baghdad Program

On the 26th of November, Orange Corners Baghdad held a graduation ceremony for the startups graduating of its 5th cohort.

Iraqi Stock Exchange Market Overview And Sector Performance Analysis

The Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) has seen turbulent times since its establishment in 2004. The ISX was initially modeled after the New... read more

KAPITA Holds the First Job Fair

Organized by ScaleUp Academy in partnership with GIZ on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development BMZ). The... read more

Latest Articles

Interview with The National Bank of Iraq

The National Bank of Iraq (NBI) was established in Iraq in 1995. It is a private sector, publicly traded bank that offers... read more

Interview with Shwan Ibrahim Taha

Shwan Ibrahim Taha is the Chairman of Rabee Securities, a securities brokerage company founded in Iraq in 1995 that offers a broad... read more

Interview with Hussain Qaragholi

Hussain Qaragholi is the Founder and Managing Partner of Phoenix Finance Partners, Ltd., a UK-based finance advisory and fintech investment firm.

Latest Updates in Arabic

مقابلة مع المصرف الأهلي العراقي

أُسّس المصرف الأهلي العراقي في العراق في عام 1995. وهو مصرف تابع للقطاع الخاص مدرج في البورصة ويقدم خدمات مصرفية واسعة النطاق... read more

مقابلة مع شوان إبراهيم طه

شوان إبراهيم طه، هو رئيس مجلس إدارة شركة ربيع للأوراق المالية، وهي شركة وساطة في الأوراق المالية أسّستْ في العراق في عام... read more

مقابلة مع حسين القرغولي

حسين القرغولي هو المؤسس والشريك الإداري لشركة فينكس المحدودة لشركاء التمويل، وهي شركة استشارات مالية واستثمار في مجال التكنولوجيا المالية يقع مقرها... read more

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