IRAQ Angel Investors Network

The first Iraqi focused angel network dedicated toward matching the expertise and capital of angel investors with rising start-ups in the country, with the ultimate goal of developing the entrepreneurship ecosystem and revitalizing the private sector in Iraq.


Forming the first Iraqi angel investors network, and connect it with local and international networks to provide all knowledge and startups investing know-how. 


Preparing the first generation of Iraqi angel investors, providing them with knowledge, skills, experience, local & international connection, and diverse investment options, also providing Iraqi start-ups with seed funds in need, with proper domestic & international connections.

The key challenges entrepreneurs see in Iraq can be addressed by an active and strong angel network

Iraq Angel Investment Network diversify the risk of angel investing and provides specialized investment advice

Many affluent businessmen in Iraq have shown interest in investing in the ecosystem in the country; this could be either to the context of generating return on their investment or to help develop the ecosystem and the private sector. Despite the intent, there has been barriers to Angel investing developing in Iraq:

Deal Sourcing

A highly pro-active deal sourcing approach to ensure the investors in the networks have access to all start-ups in the country

KAPITA is well positioned to be the key organization leading the private sector development in Iraq