The Iraqi Angel Network is the first angel group in the country that comprises a group of distinguished Iraqi businessmen and entrepreneurs looking to support the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Iraq and revitalising the country’s private sector.


Teami has concluded its first investment round through the Iraqi Angel Investors Network. The company managed to raise a five figure round from a group of distinguished Iraqi investors including; Mohamed Al Hakim, the General Manager of Careem in Iraq and Jordan; Iraqi Tech Ventures; Ahmed Baqir and KAPITA. In addition, Teami secured USD 20,000 in grants from the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH via its project “ICT for Youth in Iraq” as part of the organization’s support to the Angel Network. This event marks the second financing round completed through the Iraqi Angel Investors Network after the recent funding for Tabib Baghdad.

Razi Care

Tabib Baghdad, an online platform that connects Iraqi Patients to Doctors has raised its seed funding round of six figures through the recently launched Iraqi Angel Investors Network, led by KAPITA and Nass Al Iraq. In addition, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH with its project “ICT for Youth in Iraq” matched a grant of $20,000 towards this round, as part of its support to the Angel Network and the Iraqi startup ecosystem.

Hi Express

The Iraqi Angel Investors Network (IAIN) announced its third facilitated investment into startups in Iraq. The members of the network;Amar Shubar and Jaafar Al Musawi, along with other co-inventors, have made a six figures investment into Hi-Express. Hi-Express is a last mile delivery focused on the B2B segment of the market and was founded in 2019 by Mujahid Waisi, Ameen Saleem and Ahmed Al Alousi. Hi-Express has grown to serve more than 170 vendors over the past year empowered by its proprietary technology and the deep experience of its founding team.

ScaleUp Academy First Cohort

ScaleUp Academy is a pre-accelerator program aims at equipping entrepreneurs with the proper know-how & firepower to understand and overcome any challenge facing them through implementing their projects, beyond Ideation & formation phases, and push them forward to grow their business.


Zuqaq13 is an Iraqi Streetwear brand based in Baghdad. The brand's visual elements and designs used in its high-quality T-shirts and other apparel are inspired by the Iraqi and Arabic culture and heritage and, also, influenced by the contemporary scene and the daily events.

Razi Care

A booking platform for medical doctors in Baghdad.


Producer of a wide range of cosmetics products.

Med Gifts

Provides scarce medical equipment's in Iraq and deliver it to all cities in the country.


System for pharmaceutical companies to manage the daily activity of their sales and marketing teams using data analytics and geolocations of customers.

Plant Touch

Design and implement interior, exterior and botanical gardens.


A phone based telephone directory that operates 24/7.

Mr Book

Provides distinguished books in a unique style.

ScaleUp Academy Second Cohort


Eduba platform is an educational e-platform with multiple programs and interfaces that is dedicated to managing educational institutions of all types and sizes as well as providing an e-learning environment that commensurate with the requirements of Arab societies.


shipping products from any part of the world in the best price.


A high quality brand of home cloths and underwears, they have delivery service to all cities of Iraq and some european countries.


An E-Commerce, which provides different kind of home tools, kids toys, electronic devices, backpacks, etc. they have a website and application for androids and IOs.


Designing Iraqi gifts and souvenirs in modern ways. they have delivery services to all cities of iraq.


Grocery delivery with high quality packaging and cleanliness only in Baghdad.

Service Point

"provide daily services for homes and offices in Baghdad by professional and expert teams, such as Air conditioning installation and maintenance, Plumbing service, Electrical service and, Cctv camera installation and maintenance.

Asal Shop

Availability of different kind of gifts that suit the tastes of people. they delivery service to all cities of Iraq.


A website that provides a modern online shopping service for dental materials and supplies.

Orange Corners First Cohort

Orange Corners Baghdad is an initiative of the Dutch Embassy in Baghdad and is implemented by KAPITA Business Hub Company. Orange Corners supports Iraqi youth in bringing their entrepreneurial ideas to life. Through a six-month incubation programme, we support 20 young male and female Iraqi entrepreneurs with training, business development, and masterclasses. We seek to provide a supportive environment in which the business can thrive.


A website specialized in selling spare parts for all types of cars and delivering them to all provinces of Iraq.

The Vital Home

It is a home medical service that gives you access to any medical service (nursing, physiotherapy, laboratory, pharmacy and the possibility of medical consultations and even a visit to the doctor in the future) All these services through a medical services company with a program on Android and App Store


"A specialized project concerned with the field of gardening services in terms of design, implementation, process of service and weekly maintenance. It also specializes in combating household pests and public health. The project has interests in marketing agricultural products such as ornamental plants and natural honey products through social media. - Providing a full service to maintain the weekly gardens that include fertilization and control of trees and plants, as well as the coordination and arrangement process through a specialized team equipped with all the necessary equipment and materials.


We are working on the second stage of developing the site by providing a platform with a monthly subscription through which students can view and download the educational curricula, courses, and exam results.


It is an online shopping platform for all dental materials for the first time in Iraq through the website of the project or application located in the play store.


transporting large packages (truck, canter, small Kia trucks,...etc) among three provinces BGD, ERB, and Basrah using an app

Story Studio

An innovative idea to convert memories into stories through a printed album, but not just pictures, but with every photo that mentions the situation or incident and a description of the situation, it is designed according to the client in what is preferred from the color of the person's impurity and which songs he likes or any poetry, and is to add a certain period of time, for example, the customer has left at the university Engagement memories or legitimate love stories aim to document the memories in a contemporary and beautiful way


Zoode is an online community network that allows people to learn and enhance coding skills through gamification and gives you employers access to a qualified and proven talent pool of developers in Iraq.


TransPi is a college student's transportation system working on developing and managing the daily commute of students' and captains through an effective operation, communication, and geographical matching methodology to overcome the obstacles and weaknesses in our transportation sector in Iraq.


Its about making an app for construction companies and materials companies To show their work , prices , workers and engineers that will ease the construction work for everyone by choosing the company, the engineers and materials also choose the date and prices


Zaffah is a mediator between young people who are about to get married and between companies or institutions that provide wedding services (starting from hotels, wedding halls, photographers, beauty centers, food processors, sweets, wedding clothes ... etc) .. Its purpose is to provide all wedding matters in one place.


It's a platform for renting Realestate such as houses, apartments, shops, and others.

Hi Influencer

it’s a services depends on collecting date about the most effective influencers in the Iraqi medium and advice advertisers and people who are seeking to promote their services or products through those influnecers.

Iraq Fund Lab

Iraq Fund Lab is an Iraq platform that help people to access and create fundraising campaigns by localizing the fundraising for Iraq.


it’s a platform for booking and renting conference and training halls

Orange Corners Second Cohort

AC Brands

An application/Online Platform for smart phones to provide installation and maintenance of cooling and heating devices on site. The platform also offers cooling and heating devices that the customer can buy and request to be delivered and installed at the desired site.


It’s a Facebook platform designed specifically to provide house movement (A-Z) services that includes the reallocation of all your households to your new location.

Captain X

It’s an online platform that provides gymnastic tips and tricks and helps you in your fitness program and training with a trainer specified to follow-up with your training progress as well as providing a full program for your diet.

Cloning Store

A project and an Instagram platform that is specialized in creating accessories and handmades to be sold for customers based on their request and required designs.


An Online Clothing Store for Fashionable Iraqi Women. Dentelle Clothes are designed and made by a self-taught clothing designer who creates modest, elegant & simple designs inspired by Arabian Folklore turned into Modern.

IPR eco

The idea of the project is to provide an environmentally eco- friendly and making sustainable products from organic materials to preserve the environment from waste and to deepen the culture of having a healthy and sustainable atmosphere.

Green Gold

Green Gold is a project to recycle organic waste and convert it into organic fertilizers and produce (red worms) that are very useful for the farmer when it comes to planting in a soil such as the Iraqi soil. Green Gold also produces GGballs which are small fertilizer balls that can be used in small Flower Vases.

Iraq Beauty

It’s an Online website that contains various cosmetics and skin care products that the customer can buy with providing different payment methods and delivery to the desired point throughout Iraq.


KABINA is a Technical & Electrical Solutions Provider that provides power management systems and electrical solutions to large corporates with a system to supervise and monitor power distribution and electricity sources management for the facility.

Qutoof Danya

A project based on hydroponics to produce fruits, vegetables and plants that are not widely available throughout all seasons in the Iraqi Market. Qutoof Danya aims to produce berries like strawberry, blueberry and hybrid fruits, vegetables and herbs and niche plants such as edible flowers. The project plans to use new hydroponic technologies and make the production process sustainable and environmentally friendly.

R.S Legal

It’s an Online/Offline platform that offers Clients legal advisory and can obtain legal advice in various legal fields via social media and mobile phone

Safra Plus

It is a project that aims to develop domestic tourism in Iraq in a distinctive way by implementing activities (kayaking, camping and hiking, barbecue parties) in tourists’ destinations that people visit through our company. The project will have several locations located beside lakes and rivers in various governorates in the southern region of Iraq.

Shakir Amazon

It’s an Online Shopping platform that Facilitates the process of shipping and purchasing products from other countries of the world and global sites and ensuring that they reach Iraq delivered directly to the customer’s house. ShakirAmazon also provides manufacturing solutions in overseas for countries companies and customers.


A startup company that provides renewable energy, energy storage, energy efficiency and monitoring solutions for businesses and households in cost effective manner.

Super Women

A project that aims to empower women with low income who need protection by employing them to work as chefs, dish organizers and caterers, to social events mainly held by NGO's. The products are going to be served according to western style catering (Cocktail, open buffet... etc.)

Tabeeb Time

The project is a website and a phone application on the Android and iOS systems. The idea of the application is to link service providers such as doctors, medical centers, private hospitals and plastic surgery centers with patients (customers) as well as online booking services for the customers to book appointments with those providers.


It is a company that produces dates products by converting regular dates into powder that can be used as a substitute for regular sugar. As well as manufacturing healthy snacks and protein bars that contain only organic ingredients These signs can be used as a substitute for regular sugar.


A company that provides two types of services: First: temporary employees who are good at working on computers and office programs and who have English language and have a university degree Second: Teams of freelancers to work remotely (programming, design, advertising photography, advertising drawing, architecture, legal translation, installing cameras and networks)


It is an application that allows animal breeders to contact, communicate, and book an appointment with the veterinarian in addition to video communication with the veterinarian and choose a veterinarian or veterinary clinic according to criteria such as the proximity of the veterinary clinic or typical clinics and according to the competence of the veterinarians working in them, and the application also contains Some useful articles for beneficiaries.

XO Center

An online platform that focuses on printing and publishing paintings and posters related to movies, series and foreign artists. In addition to different and new ideas on the scene that are linked in an innovative way to the store's format. The platform is also a space for painters and designers to sell their artworks and obtain a financial percentage of the printed pieces of their designs, as it gives the designer the ability to sell his products at the best quality in various forms of printing, such as T-shirts, mugs, wooden or framed stickers, and framed paintings.