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ScaleUp Academy Cohort 4 Jump Starts Its Activities This November!

Through the work of KAPITA’s Programs Department in cooperation with GIZ, and our strategic partner Asiacell, and Funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development BMZ, ScaleUp Academy commenced the training sessions for the fourth cohort in a row!

ScaleUp’ Academy Training Program, aims to graduate investment-ready scaleups. Therefore, we admit founders and key team members in an intensive 9 weeks program where they’ll receive general business and tailor-made sessions to escalate the growth of their businesses in no time. Also, the entrepreneurs will work closely with business development experts to develop their business growth strategy and recognize market opportunities.

After completion of the Academy, each startup will receive “post-graduation services (Marketing Services, App Development, Equipment Supply, Re-Branding, Printing, Designs, and more)”. These services will run for eight weeks and are needed to scale the capacity of the startups in different fields.

This cohort’s curriculum includes training sessions in the following topics: Introduction to BMC, Market Research, Marketing, Sales, Lean Startups and workforce, Legalization, and Accounting, alongside masterclasses and 1 on 1 mentoring sessions for all the participating startups.   


Let’s get to know the startups of the 4th cohort:

  1. Gibran: Gibran was established in 2021 with the vision of providing the global taste of specialized coffee by selecting it from the finest international coffee farms and roasting them locally with precision and passion worthy of the Iraqi taste.

Gibran provides all other services related to the establishment of cafes and toasters, preparation, training, and everything related to specialized coffee.

  1. Supply Day: Supply day is the first Iraqi company that provides cafe and restaurant's equipment.

  2. Ixora event: Ixora is an event planner, such as birthday, engagement, and wedding parties. In addition to planning restaurant events, like Fay Cafe, Azkadenya, The Cake Shop, Lemon, and Aqua Cafe.

  3. Dowera: Dowera is a store that provides high-quality stationaries. What makes Dowera special is providing what feeds the creativity of followers through various drawing competitions and providing products with instructions on how to use them.

  4. Step: Step is a decoration store that works on Incorporating plants into the interior and exterior designs.

  5. Kabina: Kabina is a company that specialized in providing The Market with updated power Systems Engineering Smart Solutions

  6. Neonchi: Neonchi is an Iraqi Led Neon signs brand.

  7. DrCube: Dr Cube is the biggeseducationalnl platform in Iraq for medical school students. Dr. Cube has free and non-free courses for medical, dentistry, and pharmacy school. 

  8. Fusion Tracking System: is an application that provides the car owner with tracking details, such as live location, previous locations with time and dates. Also, it provides the users with Information about the condition of the vehicle, such as the need for maintenance, changing tires, or the expiry of the insurance period.

  9. Barhyah: it provides Iraqi Dates with the best picture and best quality to over the world. Deliver the highest quality standards and keeping the presentation of products on the best quality and provide the better life for staff.

About KAPITA Business Hub:

Kapita is a private sector development company that aims to empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through investment, research, incubation/acceleration, and market development programs. 

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