Orange Corners Baghdad incubatees are receiving intensive business development sessions

Over the past two months, Orange Corners Baghdad Incubatees have received intensive online sessions on various topics to develop their business idea in preparation for pitching at the end of the program in July. 

The incubatees received Marketing and Digital Marketing sessions run by Zaid Sami; regional Marketing Manager at Coca Cola with over seven years of experience in leading companies like Careem and LG. The sessions covered the 4P Marketing mix, Marketing tactics, Marketing strategy development, Understanding the Marketing Funnel, digital platforms etc. 

During the sessions, our incubatees learned to apply these topics to their business idea and were able to determine suitable marketing strategies and tactics for their startups to follow. 

Furthermore, our incubatees received a “Brand Image and Communication for Startups” session with Mohammad AlSamarraie; CoFounder and Head of Creatives at CrazyTown, with over nine years of experience in building successful brand identities. The session highlighted, Branding, Brand Identity key Elements, Conveying a Unified Message, Protecting the Brand Identity and Brand Identity Strategy. During the session, each incubatee shared his/her brand and the current problems they are encountering with their brand identity. They learned how to build and convey a focused brand visually, verbally, and aurally.

Over 30 one-to-one sessions have taken place to discuss the overall progress of the startups. These sessions encourage incubatees to share their performance and it sheds light on the current challenges faced by startups and the current accomplishments achieved. The sessions provide the incubatees expert knowledge, advice, and adequate solutions to be able to establish their startups successfully.  

Also, a couple of masterclasses were carried out, these classes aim to connect the startups with the right stakeholders, and to discuss the challenges of the current situation and how to support and collaborate with each other. 

The startups have been showing great support to each during these difficult times and have been making great commitments to attend all of the remaining sessions. Orange Corners Baghdad has over a month of training left and will end in July where the first cohort will graduate in a ceremony to acknowledge the startups and their success.

Posted in on Wednesday, 10th June, 2020