Orange Corners Baghdad Gathers for the Second Alumni Community Meeting

The Orange Corners Global Alumni Community aims to offer an inspiring, entrepreneurial network and to promote contact and business relationships among alumni after graduation. The community is a space to share experiences and exchange knowledge and business opportunities.

The second gathering took place in KAPITA’s headquarters in Al-Mansour Baghdad, where graduates of the past 4 cohorts, along with the current fifth incubatess attended. After a brief welcoming introduction by Mohammamed Hameed - Senior Communications Associate and Lead Program Coordinator of the Orange Corners Baghdad Program, Abdulrahman Abdulkareem took the stage coordinating the event as the ambassador of the alumni community in Baghdad. 

A year after the alumni community was established, Mr. Abdulrahman spoke of its achievements and figures.

A total of 50 hours of consultation have been provided to the community, including 30 hours of free consultation, 20 hours of discounted costs, Alumni also received discounts from companies, totaling $ 12,000, and more than eight people are employed by the alumni community, which includes 100 startups. 

The incubatees agreed through a Show of Hands voting system on new additions to the alumni community and discussed the new platform that combines all incubates and what characteristics they would like to see in the platform. Several needs and challenges were discussed at the end of the session.

About Orange Corners Baghdad:

Orange Corner’s Baghdad is an initiative of the Dutch Embassy in Baghdad. The economic priorities of the Netherlands in Iraq are agriculture, water and entrepreneurship. KAPITA supports the community of young entrepreneurs in Baghdad by building youth capacity, and developing successful businesses. We incubate 20 startups for six months: starting with providing a co-working space, training and developing their business, events and masterclasses, a positive environment and an opportunity for investment.

Posted in on Sunday, 30th October, 2022