Orange Corner is still running activities despite COVID-19

We have been keen on running the activities at Orange Corner for our Incubatees to speed up their progression. However, due to the consequences of COVID-19 and in compliance with the Health Ministry regulations some of the activities at Orange Corner had to run online. 

In April we ran a couple of online training sessions and more than 15 one-to-one business development and mentorship sessions for the incubatees. 

One of the online training sessions was provided by Mr. Abdal Ghany Alhasany, a specialist in the field of investment management. The session covered the fundamentals of finance and accounting management. The incubatees carried out several practical exercises on organizing accounts, financial budgeting, and income statements. The aim of the training session was to provide practical experience for the incubatees to help them apply it to their businesses.   

The second online session was a business development and support session. The Orange Corner team gathered the 22 projects who are part of the incubator through a Zoom call. The session discussed various issues related to the activation and the progress of their projects in the current situation. Also, the session looked at the potential mechanisms and plans that can support the incubatees to proceed with their projects during this global crisis. 

Despite the negative atmosphere resulting from the pandemic and the current curfew taking place around Iraq the meeting managed to restore the positive working spirit among the incubatees. Several ideas and possibilities were presented and a lot of them were very useful for the enterprises. The current pandemic resulted in a number of projects to be placed on hold. However, everyone has shown enthusiasm and motivation to support and cooperate with each other’ start-ups. 

Posted in on Wednesday, 15th April, 2020