Launching Soon: KAPITA's iData, Your Gateway to Iraqi Data

We are thrilled to introduce our new project from KAPITA's data team, coming your way very soon! iData: Your Gateway to Iraqi Data - the pioneering data-driven platform that offers interactive dashboards encompassing various sectors, both public and private, such as economics, environment, industry, and society.

At iData, we've harnessed new solutions to present diverse sector data through user-friendly dashboards, creating a significant impact. Our goal is to revolutionize and enhance the Iraqi business landscape by fostering a culture of data-informed decision-making.

We firmly believe that the foundation of well-informed decisions for companies and stakeholders lies in up-to-date, reliable, and easily accessible Iraqi data. With iData, we empower Iraqi enterprises to expand their market presence, gain deeper market insights, and make well-founded choices based on data.

Stay tuned for the much-anticipated details and the release of our first FREE demo dashboard! The countdown has begun, and just a few days remain until the launch. Join us on this journey as we redefine the future of Iraqi business through data.

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Posted in on Sunday, 13th August, 2023