Iraqi Innovation Alliance: Brand Identity Launch.

The tech and entrepreneurship leaders of the country are presenting their new brand identity to launch their alliance in Iraq.

“It was not an easy task to coordinate a discovery session with at least 6 different organizations and combining the results into an elegant and comprehensive brand identity.” Khadija Abdul Nabi - Marketing Coordinator, Re:coded

The Iraqi Innovation Alliance (IIA) is an initiative based in Iraq aiming to empower and support tech and entrepreneurship communities around the country. This initiative is led by industry key players. The alliance members are representatives of organizations supporting startups all around Iraq including; FikraSpace, Kapita, TheStation, 51Labs, Basra Science Camp, and


The brand identity process was led by CrazyTown X Solo Creative Studio who worked together with the alliance members to present an identity that interprets the values of the alliance and its core functions. 

The alliance and through its new brand identity aims to affect its environment and create a Ribble effect that induces a change in community circles. The identity translates this desired effect and builds the visual concept around the cumulative efforts of each member and the steps they take to create a significant change.

Posted in on Thursday, 13th February, 2020