Call for Proposal for Digital Marketing Services for the ScaleUp Academy Program

 4th July 2021

Overview on KAPITA 

KAPITA is a private sector development company that aims to empower small and medium-

sized enterprises (SMEs) through investment, research, incubation/acceleration, and market

development programs.

Overview on Scale-Up Academy Program

Scale-Up Academy aims at equipping entrepreneurs with proper know-how to understand and overcome the challenges, and move forward to grow their businesses. Enabling the existing startups to be investment-ready and scalable. 

Purpose of required service

KAPITA is seeking proposals from interested providers to carry out and provide professional services for start-ups within Scale-Up Academy program granted by GIZ, and as mentioned in the ToR bellow:

Duration and Term

The proposed contract term will be less than 45 days.

Service terms of reference (ToR) and responsibilities






To create a creative brand identity for ENKI to be used in social media promotions and any means of communications, including all the art work for (printing, social media, and physical spaces improvements)

For ENKI Startup 


Social Media Promotion

Social Media (Facebook, or google) promotion package fee, and provide social media content creation for 2 months with at least 1 post per day

For Zuqaq Startup 


Social Media Management 

Provide social media management including (creating content, publishing, analyzing and engaging with content posted on social media platforms like (Facebook, Instagram, and twitter) for one post per day. For Asal Shop

For AselShop Startup


Packaging and branding 

To make improvements on the packaging of the delivered items and new free creative stuff to be delivered with the packages. For Hili

For Hili Startup


Design and Printing 

Eduba startup requires the following services

1. A professional design for Eduba business portfolio (Arabic & English).

2. An Arabic - English professional translation to the business portfolio.  

3. Brochures in English, Arabic, and Kurdish.(1000pcs)

For Eduba  Startup 


App development

Application development 

For Ordary startup


Branding, Design and printings

1- To develop a creative brand identity, 

2- provide art work for web and Social Media promotion

3. Brochures and stickers 1000 pcs 

For Service Point startup


Digital marketing

Digital marketing and Social Media Promotion including the required artwork for 2 months 



Digital marketing

Digital marketing and Social Media Promotion including the required artwork for 2 months 



The duration for this activity is 45 days


The Bidder to submit a total service fee to cover all the scope of work and include all the cost incurred for the full delivery.

Payment terms will be paid after the delivery of the required service 

Providers should submit a copy of the original invoice for the service.


Proposal that meet essential criteria will be assessed and scored by KAPITA panels against the technical and commercial criteria outlined this Call for Proposal



Track record of related works 


Proposed Period of Time


Commercial Offer


   First stage evaluation will consider all returns with proper email title as per the application instruction below, Only applicants demonstrating essential criteria requirement will pass onto second stage. 

  Second stage evaluation, a panel will provide scores against each area of the technical criteria mentioned in the RFP, 

Prices scores will be calculated using formula to provide a weighted scored against the lowest bid at this stage, 

Commercial score = (Lowest Overall Price offered /Overall Price being evaluated) x 10 


Bids should include:

  • Track Record 

    • A company profile with track record of at least three previous clients (20%)

    • At least two previous creative campaigns for two brands (20%)

  • Proposed period of time: To deliver the complete scope of work (10%)

Please send the above to with the title “Digital Marketing, Branding and printing Services – ScaleUp Academy” 

Offer Submission Deadline: 15th July 2021. 

Please note we can only respond to successful applicants that pass into second stage of Evaluation 

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