KAPITA hosts a number of business meetups in the presence of startups and entrepreneurs as well as important figures at KAPITA’s headquarters in Al-Mansour.

With the constant growth of the Iraqi entrepreneurial ecosystem, KAPITA provides a space for entrepreneurs, startups and interested individuals to meet and connect them to professionals that help bring their own experiences and advice to the meeting. As well as deliver a true image of the different sectors of Iraq, in an open discussion to target different topics. 

These business meetups are a great opportunity to build professional relationships and communicate with others from the attendees through networking in addition to the valuable information that they will obtain.

One of the business meetups held by KAPITA was with a number of executives, directors, senior employees of large and medium companies, as well as experts, youth, and entrepreneurs. Where we discussed (The Human Capital: When will Iraq have a pipeline of managers?) with an open and informative discussion for all attendees.

Another business meeting titled (Brainstorming space: discussing your next step). It was an open discussion and away from the formalities where we listened to the ideas and plans of the participating young.

Lastly,  everything related to food safety. The meetup was about (Food Safety between Legislation and Applications: an open discussion between the stakeholders) with the presence of experts in nutrition and health, project owners and CEOs of manufacturing companies and senior entrepreneurs.

The meetup was fruitful with open and friendly discussions, which gave the opportunity to expand their networking and  benefit, exchange experiences and expand relations between the attendees.

Stay tuned and follow our social media platforms so you can register with us for future business meetups! 

Posted in on Sunday, 1st August, 2021