Business LANDSCAPE Magazine Issue 5

We are very delighted to start 2022 with our fifth issue of Business LANDSCAPE, a quarterly published magazine that covers a wide range of topics regarding the Iraqi private sector.

In this issue, we explore what it takes to sustain the Iraqi business landscape and how we can draw policies to set a better scene for the Iraqi private sector and overcome the adverse business environment. 

We emphasize the need to build a data-driven community to fuel the digital transformation in Iraq and provide the necessary actions to be taken by organizations and individuals to support this. We also share the importance of digital marketing in helping businesses make more data-based informed decisions, the mishaps in the current scene, and how to overcome them.

We cover the latest investment news and updates in the Iraqi market, the rise of Iraqi corporate venture investing, and how to create more synergy between corporates and startups in culture, governance, and valuation. In addition, we tackle the critical challenges of management to promote the development of human capital and the private sector. And we address the major climate change crisis that Iraq is facing, the urgency for the economy to adapt to this challenge, and the growth opportunities that different sectors can seize.

Moreover, we include two research summaries from KAPITA’s Research and Development department. You will read about the reality of information and communication technology in Iraq, where we examine the condition of the labor force, evaluate the digital skills levels and knowledge sources of students, graduates, and employees, and assess the private sector's digital skills demands. You will also get a glimpse into online shopping and the Iraqi customer’s behavior, discover the path to purchase among the Iraqi consumers and the factors that influence their decision-making process.

Furthermore, our series of interviews proceeds to share with you rich insights and experience of key figures in the Iraqi ecosystem. 

Business LANDSCAPE had the opportunity to interview his excellency, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Iraq, Mr. Michel Rentenaar, who discussed with us the projects of the Netherland in Iraq, the main areas of focus, the potential of the Iraqi agriculture sector, the significant impact of the Orange Corners program, and the potential he sees in the Iraqi youth.

Ahmed Al-Kiremli, co-founder and CEO of Orisdi, an Iraqi e-commerce platform, told us about his entrepreneurship roots, the motivation behind establishing Orisdi, Orisdi’s successful multiple investment rounds, and the importance of the accessible investment opportunities for the e-commerce market and the digital transformation of the economy.

Zainab Kufaishi, the head of Middle East and Africa and senior executive officer at Invesco, shared with us her story of joining the Iraqi Angel Investors Network, the latest trends in the investment scene in the region and Iraq, the main sectors that hold potential for the thrive of the Iraqi economy, the challenges of hydrocarbon-reliant countries, and how women founders and entrepreneurs can navigate their way through the ecosystem.

Business LANDSCAPE looks forward to continuing its mission throughout this year and contributing to the growth and development of the Iraqi private sector.

We deeply appreciate and thank everyone who contributed to this issue of Business LANDSCAPE and we sincerely thank the GIZ for being an outstanding enabler for us.



Posted in on Saturday, 22nd January, 2022