Business LANDSCAPE Magazine Edition 1.0

Business LANDSCAPE is a quarterly magazine published by KAPITA covering important topics regarding the private sector of Iraq.

In our first issue, you will get updates about the Iraqi stock exchange, and the upward trend in the market. In addition to coverage of the fundraising landscape in Iraq.

You will read about the launch of the first Iraqi Angel Investors Network, its purpose and its essential role in developing the Iraqi entrepreneurial scene. Moreover, you will learn more about the mindset shift in the Iraqi startups’ ecosystem, the tools to fill the youth’s skills gap and prepare them to enroll in the private sector.

You will discover more about the current e-commerce sector in Iraq, its progress, recent developments, and potentials. You will know more about the available e-commerce platforms and e-payment methods in Iraq as well. Also, you will get a glimpse into the Iraqi legal system and litigation regarding investment.

This issue provides overviews of the agriculture sector and the industrial sector in Iraq, discussing the historical contexts, challenges, current projects, and recommendations in order to develop those two key sectors to diversify the economy of Iraq.

We also had the absolute pleasure to present you with the interviews we conducted with key figures in the Iraq private sector.

Mohammed Al-Hakim, Careem’s Iraq and Jordan general manager shared with us the journey of Careem in Iraq and expressed his views on the future of Iraqi startups. Careem strives to make a positive change in the transportation sector in Iraq in particular, the economy and society in general.

Duha A. Alatta, the director general of the payments department in the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI), discussed the timeline of e-payment in Iraq, the challenges, the progress, and the future projects to develop the e-payment methods further.

Mohammed Khudairi, businessman and investor, gave us a glance into his life and career and shared with us the challenges and the prospects of investing in the Iraqi market.

KAPITA is beyond delighted to present to you this issue to help you navigate your way through the Iraqi private sector. We hope this issue to be one of many more to come paving the way for all of those interested in this sector, and to unlock the opportunities and overcome the obstacles towards prosperous Iraq.

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Posted in on Sunday, 1st November, 2020